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Grow your relationship with Jesus by going deeper than lukewarm.

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Naive and Pregnant

I didn’t realize how different I’d feel after being almost full term with my third baby vs my first. In so many ways, I wish I could turn...

Is it Vanity?

I have recently been reflecting on vanity. This is something that I’ve thought about a lot; I also feel convicted about this in many...

God's Influence

Choosing our influencers carefully We are surrounded by influencers. They offer wisdom on financial freedom, weight loss, food,...

Joy in a Jealous World

Joy, Joy, Joy Down in my Heart… What steals joy quicker than anything else? From my experience its comparison or rather, the last...

Outward Beauty

Is wanting to look pretty ok? Is it okay to be trendy? How much money is too much money to spend? What about working out, and by working...

Three Visions

I had three visions while I was driving home after having some “me” time. And by “me” time I mean I went grocery shopping without the...

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